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Private Clash Royale Server

Especially for those of you who played and enjoyed the famous Clash of Clans hit game, Clash Royale is definitely a better, irresistible version. Clash Royale is a thrilling and competitive game that requires a player to play against and defeat an opponent by destroying their towers while strategically building their own deck.

In the game, you become a winner by destroying the kind’s tower first within a limited time period of three minutes. In case none of the players is able to destroy the king’s tower, within the limited 3-minute time, the timer is extended for another 1 minute for one of the players to try and destroy their opponent’s crown tower.

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Device Compatibility

For a better experience and intuitive control playing the game, most Clash Royale fans are looking for the private server version of the game. The server privé Clash Royale iOS is available for download online, both for Android and iOS device operating systems.

The earlier versions of the Clash Royale private servers on iOS platforms had a few flaws, even though the recent updates seem to have solved the issue. For Android device users, the downloaded private servers run without any issues, even though it is important to note that your android device has to be rooted first in order to accept the app.

But what most people are wondering right now is what the difference between the original and the Clash Royale private server?

Private Clash Royale Server Features at a Glance

As mentioned in brief above, the features of the private Clash Royale server is what makes it more interesting and preferred by the majority of the game’s fan base. Below are some of its features, which make it interesting for the game’s lovers looking for an unlimited experience:

  • Unlimited access to coins and gems
  • Unlimited counts of accessible reward chests
  • Access to Elixir
  • A player can have clans (just like with the original server)
  • Easily buy cards when you need them
  • Play with friends who’re part of the clan
  • Great experience with nothing to miss from the official server
  • Automatic updates

Private vs. Original Clash Royale Server

First and foremost, the CR private server contains all the features in the original server. In other words, there is nothing to miss from the original server when playing on the private server. Secondly, the private CR server is run by gaming enthusiasts and is designed to give you a greater experience than the original.

When using the private server, you can get unlimited coin and gems without spending anything from your wallet. You also do not need to work for it very hard, collecting rewards, gems, and coins. Most interestingly, joining the private server is easy and free of charge.
Aside from Android and iOS smartphones, the private server is also compatible with devices such as desktop computers tablets, and laptops. You can look at the private server as an unlimited version of the official CR server.

Private CR Server Switcher

There are also applications that allow the player to connect to private CR servers automatically. A good example is the Private CR Server Switcher, which has been seen to work especially on Android devices and are available for free download.

It is advisable that before downloading the Private Clash Royale Server app, you ensure that you’re doing so from a trusted site.

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