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On the Go With Pokémon Go

It is not something that hasn’t passed a single ear without acknowledgment. Since Pokémon Go came out, not so long ago, it has made headlines and has spread all over the world in a short time. The game is simple, all you have to do is find the virtual creature, either try to capture it or attack it to get points.

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So what is the game all about? People who are already familiar with the game Pokémon will need no further instruction of Pokémon Go. So for those who don’t really know, here is a short summary. The gratis Pokémon Go hack itself is a video game that involves RPGs, digital pets as well as puzzle solving techniques. All you have to do is keep a Pokémon monster and use it to battle other monsters of the game.

Now, coming back to the game, the same storyline is there. The only difference is, the game takes out of your comforting video game room and into the real world. Firstly you have to download the app on your phone and using real-life GPS coordination, you will be able to detect where the nearby game monster is. Of course, it will be shown on your smartphone screen, virtually, but at a reality spot.

Once you have found it, you either capture it or if it is a villain monster, you have to battle it, until it has been destroyed. Although the game has made millions embark on physical activities, and booming small business (at Pokémon hotspots) there have been many cons of the game too.

Some have been involved in road accidents. Others have been caught in robberies while unfortunate victims have had fights between them, over catching the monster first. Many governments have banned the game from being played because of the harm and possible nuisance it has brought.

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